Fabric Care

Swimsuits need special love and care in order to continue performing in the harsh chlorine and salt waters. Just follow these steps to be sure you are giving them your best!

Swimwear & boardshorts

Important notes to keep your swimsuit looking good:

1) Avoid spa baths          

2) Avoid contact with rough surfaces      

3) Some colours may fade in sunlight and chlorinated water        

4) Some sunscreens may mark or damage some swimwear       

5) Rinse out chlorine water immediately after use

To clean your swimsuit:

1) Do not leave rolled up wet. Rinse immediately after use          

2) Remove cups before washing              

3) Hand wash gently in cold water           

4) Use a mild detergent that does not contain brighteners or bleaches  

5) Do not soak, wring or bleach 

6) Shape cups and seams then drip dry in shade

7) Do not tumble dry     

8) Do not dry clean         

9) Do not iron     

Active Swimwear

1) Remove cups before washing              

2) Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Use a laundry net if possible         

3) Shape cups and seams then hang in shade to dry        

4) Do not dry clean