Brand New! Speed Stroke Swimsuit Collection from Funkita & Funky Trunks

  13 Mar 2018 0

We've cleared out the canvas and laid out the paints, diving and splashing out we've got another funky collection that's here! We've taken everything under to see what will float, if it rises to the top then it's here in Speed Stroke.

From the riot of Wing Attacker to Midnight Assasin that are caught up in black. Every print is painstakingly created with every detail complete so it's clear that they are not being discreet.

So with the start of a new year, Funkita and Funky Trunks swimsuits for competition and leisure are painting the speed with the Speed Stroke collection.

Come in and let's check them out!



If you swim often, and love to be different and make a statement, come and try out these Speed Stroke collection from Funkita & Funky Trunks at 

Family Store @ Tanglin Mall #01-07/08
Kids Store @ Paragon #05-29A 
(only available for toddler swimwear and swim cap)


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